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Jabber Wappin!

by Local Teen

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It's So Sad 02:48
you walk into the party and you feel so scared you touch your head cuz they can tell you cut your own hair you search around for a freindly face that might match your class you think of things to talk about that might help you pass its so sad its so sad its so sad its so sad when did all these fantasies start coming down and the ships we blindly boarded begin to run aground and the trains we caught with one last chance run off thier tracks and I dont see another way it will come right back we going over deep in the water see you under heyo i know this isnt the way we planned it heyo i know this isnt what you wanted heyo i know this isnt what you wanted heyo its so sad its so sad its so sad its so sad
I Stay Ho Ho 02:28
barely stuck in her claw barely clenched in her jaw wondering will she let go best bet to tickle her nose please tell us how you do it we want to keep our fluids before the summers over what is that nasty odor? why dont you look where you were found surely theres a mark still left on the ground trashy men will soon have thier day and all the feline rats will burn at the steak now when we come home we are alone all throughout the night no one to complain to say we are lame all through the night you think this is a game but im not playing this is my life im just a simple easy man i like butter in my ass and a lollipop in my mouth
if you could dance all alone would you begin to find your home that lives with in you and radiates a love so grateful it amputates now come on love lets bring it home hold me im home hold me im home hold me im home hold me im home no you dont know what you had now that its all gone no you dont know what you had now that its all gone all these pretty faces different races different people cooking standing in thier places and the waitress yeah shes real good looking theres a touch of grace right on her face my god shes so alluring think she stole a glance this is my chance wish me luck im going in hold me im home hold me im home hold me im home hold me im home
i count 20 i count 20 toes on your left foot and broken nose from right hook and a defensive move the right book well you look funny like you just realized your out of money and you took too many of those reefer gummies now your gestating demons in your tummy because whats coming feels kind of runny took to many pills again and now im feeling green hiding in the stall from them to keep from being seen pounding heart and spinning head will rest eventually still cant shake that feeling that some one is standing right behind me wheres my 20 it was right here on this dirty dresser open up your pockets and fess up took to many pills again and now im feeling green hiding in the stall from them to keep from being seen pounding heart and spinning head will rest eventually still cant shake that feeling that some one is standing right behind me
Let Me Alone 03:27
here im stuck again alone with beer held in my hand melting with dew who would like to swap thier seats with me youre still talk though its clear that i cant breath leave me alone wont you let me please go home leave me alone wont you let me please go home there are moments where i stare at your face trying to figure out just what is your race im a mix a lots of different kinds hope youve got the best of them to make up your mind let me alone and ill let you go home let me alone and ill let you go home let me alone and ill let you go home let me alone and ill let you go home let me alone and ill let you go home let me go home and ill let alone let me go home and ill let alone its all for nothing and i dont care as i remember to comb my damn hair its all for nothing and we dont care as long as we remember to come our damn hair now stop!
you said lets take a trip to bogata bang some chicks and do some blow ran up some debts and skip on the check now we're tied to the kitchen sink i told you man never rip off pimp they're connected more than you think cartels are moving underage chicks they feed people to starving pigs get your dad on the phone and tell him this is what we need to get home send lawyers, guns and crypto im not sure when i lost control or when i learned to troll there's something about being young dumb numb and full of cum i started stealing from the pirate bay found fortune then was on my way stile project yeah that was my shit rotten.com nearly blew my lid get the senator on the line and tell him this is what we need to be fine send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto you know you did it YOU KNOW YOU DID IT YOU KNOW YOU DID IT YOU SON OF A BITCH! im coming im coming im coming to get you i know how id like to be paid untraceable in any way now i get what these guys want please now pay them before we get shot get your mom to put the screws to your dads balls so he can let loose with the... send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto send lawyers, guns and crypto NOW!
I pooped on your drums
Ok, So 03:21
ok so we all head down to quantico hack some cops to just let them know we wont clean off the layers of filth or bend our backs to keep the buckets filled the light rail bonds are comming due the senators wifes is comming through her handbags got the prada crest and its all and its all and its all so fake yeah ah ok so pick up a penny and pray for tails hope to high heavens they'll never smell that poor excuse for wiping job cuz your phone pushed you to leave the john now youre paranoid yeah that everyone knows there's a nugget of turd resting on your balls you cant focus on the deal to be closed and its all and its all gonna blow up ok so long lets have some fun ok so long lets have some fun ok so long lets have some fun
hey keith keith what are you gonna do when this baby takes your wife away from you i know you like to be the number 1 she is the earth around your sun you can behave like you did before you can get drunk and puke all over the floor babies are crazy they ruin everything you ever had i just wanna get some rest without someone sleeping on my chest when can i get sleep (please god i need some sleep)
looks whos trying to reach out to you bending things that you know arent true they paint a pretty a pretty picture using holy scripture you stare and think "this persons dumb" but they exceed your good income looks whos telling us just what to do right when we decided we were through they present a statement but the logics kinda shaky we all know just what to do when dealing with a real cuckoo tell us how you found yourself in here was it endless cups of primal fear if you could take it back would you leave a heart attack for your mom and dad and sister though but you dont know what they dont know daddy is crazy like martin scorcese and mommas keeps pushing and pushing and pushing up daisys my views kinda hazy seen through mayonazee im wishin and wishin and wishin i wasnt fugazi my sister is lazy she drives like a baby now shes shushin and shushin and shusin me lately i got a lotta butta on my buns but did it ever stop me from just having fun? it didnt i gotta be a winner if i wanna kill it i seen it all and i know how i wanna live it


I realized I forgot to write updates ont he last 2 albums! Jeez, Way to be on top of it, dude.

So this new album… is good. Hold on let me hit play while i write whatever comes to mind.

so where was i…. oh, so I wasn’t completely sick of it when checking the final mixes/mastering in the car 3 days ago. I’ve listened to it 3 times since then. Yeah there stuff I still want to fix but I need to move on. I have nearly 5 years of songs to finish!

I checked the file dates on the songs and they were all started in summer of 2018! See, I get new song ideas nearly daily. It’s so easy for me to write the chords and tempo for a song and basic vocal melodys. often lyrics too. Starting a new song is so much easier than finishing one. Which is why I am 4 and half years behind on my song backlog. I spend most of my music making time trying to make this stuff sound good. My process is usually this when opening and old session:

Listen back and wait for the first thing to trigger a negative feeling. Then fix it. It’s often a bad mix issue like you can’t hear the kick drum or the snare sound was awful or I played something really badly or the lyrics are too simple, obvious. Sometimes I’ll open up a song and it’s all there. Here is where I would segue into talking about “Lawyer, guns and crypto” but let’s just go in order.

Its so sad: I think this one might be older than 2018. I recall playing this over and over again on guitar when putting my daughter to bed each night and trying different ideas. At one point I realized my vocal line was a complete ripoff of another song. It was nigh impossible to find something else that worked. When I finally popped this open in november of 2022.. (I think that’s when I said, “NO NEW SONGS! FINISH THE NEXT ALBUM!” ?) I was able to approach with fresh ears. Well, that was after listening to the 6 different versions I made of it. The really slow sad one was pretty cool but the least finished and I honestly didn’t feel like I have the experience to make that one sound like a “song” rather than some boring collection of sounds. So anyway where was I. I dunno. I have ADHD (officially diagnosed thank you very much). I just checked my winter 2022/2023 folder and It looks like I have 6 songs I started when I declared I wasn’t going to make anymore until I finished this album. I nodded to that original vocal melody that I accidentally stole with one line of lyrics on this song. I also added a capo at some point because playing this in C felt too obivous (is F with a high E, C, G they key f C?)

I stay Ho ho: I think this started with me chopping up my nephew saying somthing into the mic. There was a track of him singing chopped up n stuff. I also had my lady do it too. they’re all layered and edited on top of each other. There’s a quote from a movie in the lyrics. Probably easy to spot for many of you.

Hold me im home: I found 2 versions of this. And just the other day i was playing these chords and started a new song before it hit me that i might have used them before. The other version was similar it just didnt have the dream crystals on it and the lyrics were weak.

Still cant chake that feleing: i think my daughter helped me write the melody for this one because I found a track with her freestyling notes and words. I asked her to come sing on it for real but she refused because “i’m not a music person” Oh really? We litterally play “alexa” where she asks for a made up song title and then freestyles a whole new song on the spot nearly everytime we’re in the car. I love the dembow sorta beat in this one.

let me alone: man i love that dreamy sound on top. That’s an ebow and a slide and some pedals and a guitar of course. I liked the old timey way of say “leave me a lone” I think fred norris of the howard stern had a drop from an old marlon brando movie where he would say it like this.

Lawyers guns and money: this was my favorite song but Keith told me I shouldnt start with it. I just love the narrative about trust fund crypto bros going to columbia and ripping off prostitutes not realzing they’re now in the targets of the cartel. Daddy is a senator and needs to send the aformentioned lawyers guns and crypto to save these little shitheals. And yes I am referencing the warren zevon song here. Felt like its a modern update to the idea i think his song is about. I dunno. ive deliberately avoided the song to not be influenced. i guess now that its done I can se how they compare

I pooped on your drums: I have no memory of making this but when I opened the session there was a recording of me telling different kids to say this into a mic. I doubt it was my idea at first. Whenever kids come over they always want to make music. This was originally a trap beat until I heard some bmore/jersey club and thought “oh this would be way better for that song”. It took maybe an hour or 2 to whip this into shape.

Ok, so: a crime song. i can write lyrics about crime and corruption so easily sometimes. I just start seeing the movie in my head and write what comes out. Making the words rhyme however is so much harder. the lyrics were hard to tell even soloing the vocal tracks. They’re my best guess for my mumbly mouth and what it says. Looks like I just freestyled this one right off the dome as there were no edits at all and nothing was written in the lyrics.txt file in the folder. Other than doubling the solo and giving it a better mix this one was pretty much done. oh and i added the end lyrics during this latest round of finishing

keith, no 1: kieth is my unoficial producer. i send him the songs (not soon enough) to get feedback. i really should do it earlier in the process as he has good ears and great ideas. when he told me he was going to be a dad i thought “dude, you’re not gonna be ready for this” and tried to put it in a song that used chords from a song he wrote. which i think was called “gay racists” or something? I dont even remember just that that title is somehow linked to a song idea he sent me. Maybe that his title? Im just guessing. As I am listening back to the song as I type I hear how this is kind of U2 joshua tree era thing. a lot of my references just come out and I dont cacth them until much later. And yeah keith said I could use his 4 chords on the first section.

Look whos trying: my friend meets sent me a song he was working on and I whipped up the front part of this for him to sing on. We never finished it. When i went back this winter to finish thse songs I found it i tried to see if I could write something new to it and it worked! so its his chords for the first half. i recorded and played everything. He gave me permission to use it. His melody and lyrics are different and likely better. IIRC his first line was “drinking, stinking and never thinking” or somehing like that. The end is all me. Thanks for the permish, meets!

I shoulda kept more notes because I think i had help on one of these from someone else. Probably my lady since I love her voice and ideas. She’s always giving me better lyric ideas and melody tweaks.

oh now i remember. Will helped me using AI to generate the characters on the cover. Everything else was me except the dudes will helped with. He and Jaime provided feedback on the design. Thanks dudes!

The title is a quoe aunt em says in the wizard of oz. we were watching it the other night (spolier: its kind of creepy) when she yells "quit yer jabber wapping and get back to work!". I immediately grabbed my note book and wrote it down hoping to gather more good words and quotes but we didnt finish it because it got way to scary for the kid.


released February 11, 2023

all by ya boy except for a few bits


all rights reserved



Local Teen Portland, Oregon

Poppy, punky, garagey but not "Pop Punk Garage" cuz that's embarrassing.

honesty can be really funny without having to try to be comedy if what you're saying makes you vulnerable or breaks an expectation people have for you ... more

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